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Dante Fowler accepts a pay cut

Edge rusher Dante Fowler signed a three-year, $48 million deal with the Falcons last spring. But after a disappointing first season with the club and Atlanta needing to save against

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New test traces DNA origins to monitor transplant rejection and reveal hidden cancers

A new technique that can trace which tissues and organs the DNA in our blood comes from has been reported today in the open-access eLife journal. The method, called GETMap,

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Bond managers say pace of rise in U.S. bond yields ‘unsettling’

The recent pace of the rise in yields in the U.S. Treasury market has been unsettling, according to several major bond fund managers who worry the market could be viewed

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Genshin Impact reaches $1 billion in mobile player spending in just 6 months

Genshin Impact took the mobile market by storm when it launched on Android and iOS in September of 2020. Its open-ended, Breath of the Wild-like exploration mechanics and addictive, gacha-style

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